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Volume II

Posted on 2015.06.18 at 00:00
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Its been far too long. Volume I was released in 2008. La La Land Records just released Volume II. It sat here, unopened for a week or so, as I contemplated it. Then, sometime later, I ripped it into iTunes. But I hadn't listened to it until today.

Volume I helped me feel a great many things, over and over and over. I will admit to being nervous Volume II wouldn't do the same. So more time passed before I listened to it. And while today wasn't ideal with all the kids in the house and the unusual pressure at work, and going two full weeks without partnered introspection, and having worked Sunday maintenance and staying up late every night gaming with my son, one could argue today was the perfect day in which to do so.

I wasn't disappointed.

Part haunting lullaby and part quiet relaxation, I found Volume II to be everything Volume I was and has always been (minus Santos Elves & Omerta sadly). Given how I have my iTunes organized (by date added), I started my journey with Season 1, Episode 19: Powers, Principalities, Thrones, And Dominions which was as meaningful as it sounds. I listened to Volume I approximately fifty bajillion times the first six months I owned it. I have a feeling I will now do the same with Volume II.

Better yet, from my post in 2009, "After seeing the Season One episode "Lamentations" my only regret is that Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture blending into Mark Snow's score wasn't on the album." Anyone want to venture what's on Volume II?

The time is now.

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