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Short Update, then Sleep

Posted on 2006.07.11 at 20:27


leonardii at 2006-07-12 21:43 (UTC) (Link)


I'm not just back - I've been around for quite a while too!

I had my first blog (back then it was simply called a message board on my website) running for years.

I was not lost - we've just been... disconnected.

And yeah, I've been enjoying the posts too, reading comments and trying to back read everyone's previous entries and comments. The journey so far has been most fun.

Being married with children - it does change priorities in life. We're not just single soldiers with lots of extra cash sitting around waiting to be spent. The days of sitting in our room, drinking wine and eating cheese whilst listening to a million dollar stereo are - simply gone. Well, not completely - I still drink wine and eat cheese - there is just nothing million dollar in my house. Except for my life insurance policy - but Lena only thinks it is for a 1/4 million. If she ever finds out and I don't wake up at the bottom of Lake Ray Hubbard - somebody start asking some questions!

That's a joke of course.

I hope.

Anyway, with nothing million dollar at home or not, for me, I chose this life and I'll take it. Creating a family has made me a very happy man. And like you say, a father loves the hugs and kisses only a daughter can give! I think only a father of a daughter understands this. But of course I also love my Darling Lena. And they're both worth more than any amount of money! Why - what kind of offer did you have in mind? :)
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