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We have a Mennonite grocer here in the bedroom town of Newton, Kansas who sells overstock at greatly reduced prices. That's how I ended up bringing 4 boxes of assorted K-Cup teas and coffee to the beach house for vacation, and subsequently learned about Keurig DRM.

Having never owned a K-Cup device, and my instant-coffee hotpot already going out after I killed my last coffeemaker (possibly due to hard-water deposits despite my best efforts at routine descaling), I was rather impressed with the ability to deftly create and distribute a variety of coffee and tea at a moment's notice - but not Keurig's heavy-handed attempt at institutionalizing my culinary options. Das Kaptial!

One of the better reviews was for the SS-700 (pictured below).

Secondly, I decided to use only filtered water. While our tap water here tastes fantastic, its hard water, and has many of the problems associated with such. So I started reviewing ceramic 3-gallon water dispensers and stands. About halfway through that search I remembered I had one of these in my garage, so set it up adjacent the kitchen! That was a nice bonus.

But best of all? It uses ALL K-Cups. Old, new, licensed, unlicensed. Hello, my name is Eric, and I guess I'm a coffee pirate. Yarr.

Viva la revolución!

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