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Tony's Not Dead - But His Sever Is


Might I suggest that I be added to your colo's authorized call list? When I was hosting dentin's server we almost always had a backup plan. That is, a call to the wife for either a reboot, or verification that SDSL was down. Outside of the 80+ people playing the mud (which would by far be the 'first' to know) and possibly Jack, I seem to always be the most immediately affected by outtages.

Your being out for gallbladder surgery notwithstanding - might I suggest the above to you? Does it cost extra to have the server on a serial concentrator, and did you ever get the serial port time-out fixed?

Thank you for your time,


There are those that believe I should now wear a goatee instead of a full beard, due to the strange look of having the beard protrude past the natural (or unnatural, as the case may be) shape of my head. What do you think?

And here, a retouched photo of what I'd look like with the goatee:
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