ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

KingsIsle Roster


Level 70 - Zoe Morgan (Musketeer/Wichtdoctor)
Level 66 - Kai (Witchdoctor)
Level 65 - Zenobia (Witchdoctor)
Level 65 - Faithful Faith (Swashbucker/Buccaneer)
Level 65 - Scarlet Windlass (Buccaneer/Wichtdoctor)
Level 65 - Skinny Rebecca Quinn (Privateer/Musketeer) Deleted
Level 65 - Eric (Privateer/Wichtdoctor)
Level 51 - Isis (Musketeer/Swashbuckler)
Level 51 - Ian (Witchdoctor/Privateer)
Level 36 - Quincy (Musketeer/Swashbuckler)
Level 12 - Xavier Xavier (Swashbuckler)
Level 12 - Khadija (Privateer)


Level 78 - Genevive Earthgem (Life/Death)
Level 74 - Miranda Duneslinger (Balance/Death)
Level 65 - Eric Unicornpants (Life/Balance)
Level 64 - Iridian Deathblossom (Death/Fire)
Level 42 - Eric Dreampants (Balance/Life)
Level 27 - Jasmine Stormblade (Storm/Balance)
Level 21 - Brynn Goldenfountain(Fire/Death)
Level 20 - Eric Pixierider (Death/Myth)
Level 15 - Valarian Wyrmwood (Balance/Storm)
Tags: gaming, roster

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