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I've been spending a lot of time in Pawnee Rock. So much so, in fact, that my daily workouts have been nonexistent. So I decided it was time for a bike. I considered taking off the front wheel of mine and stuffing it in the hatchback of the Tiburon, buying a bike rack, or, more simply, just purchasing another bike. It was suggested that were I to pursue the latter, to consider a hybrid or mountain bike, given the rough terrain of Pawnee Rock as compared to the urban streets of Newton, Kansas. It was fantastic advice.

There are a lot of dirt roads in Pawnee Rock, but also more hills as compared to Newton. The nice thing is the extra-wide shoulder on Highway 56 between Pawnee Rock and Great Bend due to, as I understand it, an annual inter-Kansas bike ride. So were to I head into Great Bend, its almost like its own bike path.

I was rather frustrated that the day I bought the new bike, I got a rather nasty cold - my first in a very long time - and it kept me from riding for five days. I even managed an 18-hour day in the middle of a Disaster Recovery Exercise during that week, but no bike riding! Fortunately, today was the day, and I managed a mild 5-mile trek this morning as the sun was coming up. Beautiful, cool morning, and the first of hopefully many early-morning rides in Pawnee Rock.


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