ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Not Good

Upgraded my Desktop from Win7 to Win10 without a hiccup. Its running a tad slower now. Have been running Win10 on my Lenovo gaming laptop for several weeks with no issues, but recently the harddrive has been reading and writing at 100% thus effectively making it unusable. The old 2008 small-form-factor desktop I put the SSD drive has been fast and stable with Win10, with the only negative being how hot (and loud) it now runs with the quad-core processor in it.

I found a conservatively priced 128GB mSATA chip on Office[Max/Depot] so I could use my in-store credit, but the online order required a credit card despite the in-store card more than covering the price. The lady I called in support agreed that requiring credit card information for an order which wasn't going to charge the card was nonsensical, but of course couldn't do anything about it. She suggested a phone order, which I readily agreed to until I discovered they were going to create an account on their website before we ordered - something else I didn't want to do and which couldn't be done unless their Orwellian policies were met. So instead I drove into Wichita and ordered the piece without imparting any personal information.

Then there were the AC3200 tri-band gaming routers both Best Buy and Office[Depot/Max] had! Very exciting if they had also carried the AC3200 USB networking clients - which they don't - so effectively were selling a super-fast gaming router for $300 that could only support N300/N600 speeds. The young boy at Best Busy even suggested that if I wanted to buy the router, I could talk to my ISP about getting faster internet, which would make the N300 USB clients faster.

So now I'm trying to manually hack the laptop registry from a mounted drive on my desktop, and work just called.

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