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In the most unflattering picture of me to date, I give you last week's week-long cold. Right at the beginning of our Disaster Recovery Exercise kicking off with an 18-hour day, I developed a nasty cold. The exact same cold at the exact same time as my girlfriend. As I rarely get sick, I was beside myself trying to figure out how this could have happened to me. Popular opinion suggests the start of school. I really couldn't disagree.

This particularly nasty strain lasted five days and required four boxes of facial tissue, five bags of assorted cough drops, two bottles of Nyquil, 120,000 milligrams of vitamin C, and 32 K-Cups of herbal tea.

As miserable as we both were, we had a successful DRE, and a lot of fun playing Wizard101. I hope I never get sick again, but if I do, I hope its in Pawnee Rock, Kansas!

Yes, that's a homemade dress. Its the only thing I could comfortably wear

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