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The Lenovo Y510P gaming laptop I bought last year came with a 1TB "hybrid" drive, that is, 32GB of SSD cache separately attached to the motherboard. When that harddrive started developing sector errors and would no longer boot (I can't really be upset at the drive lasting only a year when I have been running my 36GB 15k Raptor since 2004) I replaced it with an astonishingly fast (450MB/s write) 256GB SSD. Today my Office[Depot/Max] purchase arrived - a (320MB/s) 256GB mSATA SSD - to replace the small cache chip. mSATA was a form factor I was not familiar with, but it plugged right into the cache slot, and after uninstalling Lenovo's "Express Cache" software, I was able to format it as another drive.

Now all I have to do is copy my user data to it, mount it under C:\ as my Users folder, and I will have half a terabyte of SSD goodness. Did I mention my laptop now goes from cold power up to login screen in under five seconds?


Here's a pic I took of the one I pulled


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