ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Back on the Saddle

The bike saddle, that is. My wrists were the last thing stopping me from riding, but with the cool weather we were having this morning, and the inexplicably early waking I had this morning (yes, on a freaking Saturday) I decided I would see how far I could get, as I do have plans for my wrists later this evening. 10 miles as it turns out. I biked 10 miles at 11.2-mph, then dropped off my bicycle at the local bike shop for a bath, a lube, a tune-up, and to fix some minor injuries the bike sustained during my crash. I then proceeded to walk the 4 miles home at exactly 4.1-mph.

About halfway home is when I saw three MG's, two Triumph's, and an Lotus Esprit! Assuming they're part of the Newton Annual Chili Cook-off, I plan to head back downtown (this time in an air conditioned car) and take pictures of them when Dorian arrives after work today. When I got home I took a long, hot, shower and dressed, at which point the kids were awake and the two friends which stayed over. It was short-order cook time! Using the stainless steel Cuisinart pans I received as my 15-year anniversary gift with my company for the first time, made a provolone omlette, a cheddar omlette, a diced habenero omelette with ghost-pepper cheese, scrambled, and for myself a spinach omlette.

My Saturday thus far! Hope all of yours are equally as entertaining!
Tags: bike, dorian

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