ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Stock Pot

Two years ago (or it may have been three) I had no large pans in which to make an obscene amount of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. As fate would have it, I now have three. And a cast iron dutch oven. That largest one has since been used many times to make a weekend's worth of macaroni and cheese for upwards of four kids at a time. It does its job well. I got the second one (far left) at an estate sale when I was looking for something bigger than a sauce pan, but smaller than Mr. Hamilton Beach up there. And as it was estate sale priced, a bargain to boot. The shiniest of pans came with the stainless steel Cuisinart cookware set I chose as my 15-year anniversary gift from work. We can blame the cast iron stock pot on drax0r. So in two years (or it may have been three), I've gone from no big pans, to four.


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