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I was in Wichita enjoying a beer with family when the doorbell rang, which was odd, because we weren't expecting anyone. The majority of us were on the back deck, and through the width of the house didn't recognize the person at the door. We were back at our laughs and beer when we got the word. "Someone just backed into your car."

All I could reply was, "Not the first time its happened." Though admittedly, the damage this time around was far worse. I felt bad for the guy, because well, it sucks when something like this happens. I bet he felt horrible. I got his insurance information and wished him well, relaying that I really did understand that stuff like does happen from time to time, and hoped he was able to enjoy his weekend regardless.

I guess I'll call his insurance company Monday and see what they want me to do next. Thankfully, there was an insurance agent amongst us who explained how it all worked during dinner :)

Tags: driving

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