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HPVM Mapping

Not a lot is as convoluted as HP/UX pathing. It was easier with SCSI-attached drives in 9.05, but 11iv3 + AVIO + multipathing + SAN-attached storage and I always start with a headache behind my left eye and a sudden need to drink an entire bottle of Nyquil and take a nap. Mostly because I don't understand the logic behind it. You see, 0/0/0/0/0/0/0 never equals /dev/dsk/c0tod0. Add in AVIO_STOR(age) and /dev/dsk/disk0 doesn't equal what you think it should either. Its madness, and I hate it.

That said, we were working a Production Maintenance in the middle of the night here recently, and the HOWTO I'd written from the SCSI-attached storage Itanium box in my 5th-bedroom-turned-data-center didn't quite align with the external SAN array I don't own and am not running.

They say necessity is the mother of convention.

That's when I discovered hpvmdevinfo.

hpvmdevinfo essentially displays the mapping from the HPVM host and which path it is on the HPVM guest:

[/] root@belanna# hpvmdevinfo
Virtual Machine Name    Device Type   Bus,Device,Target    Backing Store Type   Host Device Name     Virtual Machine Device Name
====================    ===========   =================    ==================   ================     ===========================
vmtest                  disk          [0,0,0]              lv                   /dev/vgHPVM/rlvvm    Not available
vmtest                  disk          [0,1,1]              disk                 /dev/rdsk/disk5      /dev/rdsk/disk1

Now we can be sure when we newfs /dev/dsk/disk1 we're formatting the correct drive without having to run through all the calisthenics!

You're welcome.
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