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I've been looking at cameras again. This time, DSLRs. There's really only so much I can do with my P&S despite it being one of the more robust ones out there. The two things I am lacking is Depth of Field, and low-light capability. Both of these things can be found with the right lens, and for that, we need to enter the DLSR arena.

Point & Shoot cameras have a single lens which acts as macro, zoom, and everything in between. When I get my DSLR, I will be able to get a separate lens for each of these functions, increasing my flexibility. I already have my 50mm lens picked out, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4. With that aperture, I should be able to shoot in low-light and get fantastic depth of field.

As the lens is a Canon, I'm obviously going that route. As I already own a Canon S3 and Canon G1X I guess I'll just stay with brand. I was really hoping to try a Nikon this run, but couldn't dismiss the reviews of EOS Rebel T5i, which I can get for $650 (body only) at Best Buy with my 12-month 0% financing card. I already have my zoom and fisheye lenses picked out over at Opteka. I love those guys.

I was hoping to wait until early next year to get my camera, but with so many requests for senior portraits, I'm very excited to start sooner, rather than later.

And another thing.

I'm going to need a bigger camera bag. This beast is far larger than my other two.

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