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Non-Emergency Tickets

Some mornings I spring from bed as the birth of Athena, bursting forth in full armor from Zeus' split skull. Other mornings, not so much.

On the good mornings, I've just pulled back in after an hour-long brisk morning ride on my bike in time to dial-in to my morning call. On the not good mornings, my phone alarms five minutes before I have to dial into said call at 0900; dragging my slow-moving carcass to the Keriug to wait the 30-seconds for a full cup of piping hot STFU.

But this past Friday morning! I got a call from the "Remote Resolution Center."
"The Remote Resolution Center."
"Sorry, I've never heard of you."
"The Help Desk?"
"Oh! LOLOLOL, What did you call yourself?"
"The Remote Resolution Center?"
"Yeah! LOLOLOL, that's hysterical, what did you guys need?"
"You opened a trouble ticket with the help desk. Is now a good time? Are you in front of your computer?"

Now usually I get woken if I'm on call, if there's an emergency, or if no one else will answer their phone. But what I don't get called for at (I remember squinting at the clock at my bedside table) 0655 in the morning, is for non-emergency tickets I have opened for benign laptop issues. "NO I'M NOT AT MY COMPUTER - DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?"

That's when I hear the dreaded word. "Policy." Work has recently updated their policy to call users who have opened tickets by 0700 in the morning, and its, "almost 0700 your time" the help desk agent tells me.

Later that day I open one more ticket:

Please place a note in my file to never call me before 0900 on a non-emergency ticket. Ever.

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