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It was night, and we were all in lawn chairs watching a 3D-realistic battle of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica ships and robots hunt one another, twisting in the sky and on the ground with up-close, right-in-your-face simulated explosions around the buildings and on the stretch of grass on base in Kaiserslautern. I was there with my GF and other members of the 495th RTG circa 1990.

Which is why I was surprised to be approached by an old high school classmate, Susan Plowman, who I haven't thought of in 27 years. She was modeling some revealing clothing for me, wanting some sort of validation, yet obviously embarrassed her small kids were nearby. That's when she asked if my GF would be interested in visiting with her about lingerie and the like. I assured her my GF would love that interaction, but we couldn't do it next week due to the air show at Sembach Air Base down the road.

And I got a Johnette Napolitano song I'd never before heard confused with someone who was decidedly NOT Johnette Napolitano. That was embarrassing.
Tags: dreams, germany, usaf

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