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My new hobby is taking pics of my lenses...

The first lens I bought to supplement the 18-55mm zoom which accompanied the camera, was the Canon 40mm STM f/2.8 "Pancake" lens. I thought it would make a good portrait lens. It doesn't. Well, it does, but not as well as the similarly priced 50mm STM with its marvelous f/1.8. So what is the "Pancake" lens good for? Bringing a DSLR in a half-triangle frame bag (Thanks Newton Bike Shop) for around-town bicycle trips! Now no matter where I go, or what I see, DSLR is in arm's reach.

Oveja Negra frame bag

While I miss the turning of the foliage in the Northeast, its nice here in the Midwest too, albeit far more subtle. You have to look for it. And I've been anticipating Autumn quite a bit this year, turning over a new leaf myself, so to speak. And it was so extraordinarily gorgeous out this Sunday morning - not too early, not too late, cool enough but with the warmth of the sunshine. If I didn't have Sunday maintenance at work, I surely would have ridden longer.

Newton Aqueduct Bike Path

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