ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Software Licensing

Dreamed I was in McKinney, TX at the plant with Mr. Witwicky. He was accompanying me to a software audit on my systems. It was no big deal.

When I arrived in the conference room, a group of dour men and women heaped upon me stacks and stacks of folders with user data in it demanding to know the status of their software on these systems. I laughed and joked and tried to lighten the mood in the room, but this was not the audience for that. So I sifted through the stacks of folders and handed them back six, "These are my guys, I have no information on those others." They looked downright sick at my lies, because they didn't fly half a dozen executives to with crates of paperwork to be told I was only responsible for six guys. They looked hard at Mr. Witwicky who in turned looked hard at me. I didn't understand because obviously I wasn't responsible for random people in the plant who worked in other departments or what they did with their business group's software. It just didn't make any sense.

So they turned their full wrath on me. My six guys and their six systems were responsible for billions of dollars in unpaid licensing fees, and they were looking for payback. I thought surely this must be a dream, because none of it made any sense. I powered up my laptop, logged into a server, and pulled up the license agreement in a text file. It was pretty clear we could use the software in the way we were using it for the time limit in which it was intended. In fact, we weren't using the licensed version at all. My six systems were immune from all of this. This was such horrific news for the software company people they looked even harder at Mr. Wickwiky, as he were somehow responsible for the outrage.
Tags: dreams, work

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