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Drop Ship

Voice Post Sequal

Posted on 2006.07.22 at 12:24
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One for the archives!

So I get to the airport an hour and a half early the next day, after only two hours sleep. Security, stand in line at McDonalds for the gazillion-calorie McSkillit, meander back to my gate - they're calling final boarding at the half hour mark! No wonder I missed my flight - even though I arrived 45 minutes prior the day before, they'd already boarded. This flight, too was booked and the standby passengers were trying to prevent me from approaching the boarding ramp!

The Travel Agency got me back good for missing the flight the day before - they put me in the very back of the plane. I'm talking the very last seat. You know those rejects you always make fun in the back of the plane? Yeah, I was sitting next to them. So we get all strapped in, I settle in with my book, and we taxi out and stop. Then the plane makes a complete circle. The plane makes another complete circle the opposite direction! Ultimately, we come to a complete stop in a 'maintenance area' where we sit for an hour and a half while they change a spark plug.

The rest of the flight was uneventful. I arrive in STL, the bus drops me off at work and I get in my car and text galinda822 who has had approximately 10 hours of sleep in the last three days getting STL up and running since the storms Wednesday. We've both been on phone calls nearly non-stop for the last several days and she got the last thing fixed while I was in the air. I run home to shower and change clothes. I have an eleven (11) minute commute. Between the time I got in my car, and made it home, another storm hit, knocked down more trees, and blew the power from both sites again. So it begins, again. No rest for the wicked. I fully expect a conference call at some point today where instead of looking at redundancy options, we relocate both exchange servers temporarily to our secondary location (which has since been restored with power). Of course this won't give them VPN or blackberry, simply web-access only email. I'm pushing for either the redundancy option, or alternately, a back-up generator.

After Carla got the sites shut down, and I escallated the whole mess, I did get a nap in. I figure I got a good 45 minutes between a text message from celtmanx and one phonecall each from photogoot, drax0r, and a guy at work. Decided the hell with it, cancelled Movie Night and grilled a medly of vegetables for dinner, put the kids down, read about a quarter of Dan Brown's Deception Point, and went to bed sleeping a full 10 hours. Ah, blissful sleep!

Awoke this morning, kissed the wife goodbye over a cup of coffee, and saw Carla briefly as they went out shopping. I had a little shopping to do myself today. $275 later, and not wanting to leave the house again, I walked away from Best Buy with a PS2, a second controller, two memory cards, GT4 and Racing Italino. My boy's favorite so far is Vigilate V8, and Ridge Racer 4 (both PS1 games). I haven't cracked the two new games yet, mostly because GT2 frustrated him to tears. He also enjoyed Test Drive 5 and N20, two other PS1 games I had sitting around the house.

In order to pacify little girl, and not have her monopolize the television, I headed for the PC games. She wanted Cinderella's Dollhouse for $20. I chose Disney's Magical Dress-Up for $10. She cried. The Dress-Up game was not only cheaper, it was geared more toward her age-group. We got home, I cracked the box, and was astonished to find, "Cinderella's Dollhouse." In a surprising move of situational ethics, I loaded it and she's been playing all day. Perhaps I was incorrect about the age-group thing.

Carla and my wife won't be home until late, we'll probably end up ordering out and watching a movie, but I can't wait just to go to bed again - provided that is, I'm not up overnight moving servers...


galinda822 at 2006-07-23 15:34 (UTC) (Link)
I'm just happy you landed before that last storm blew through!

Work is like Disney World - fun and excitement. All you can do is hang on, try to enjoy the ride and not get sick! ;)
ehowton at 2006-07-24 15:19 (UTC) (Link)
I kept waiting for the plane to take-off, then circle back around and keep me in D.C. another couple of days.

Which ride at Disney World? I'm thinking the one that lets you free fall several seconds, thinking you're going to DIE just prior to actually coming to a complete halt.
photogoot at 2006-07-24 03:04 (UTC) (Link)
You had quite the week, nowhere to go but up next week. I meant to get back to you earlier but the weather at my place was not good this weekend. I can’t adequately express how nice it was to see you in person again. I enjoyed our talks as always. I’m listening to the CD you left quite a bit, in fact my little one now asks for the racer music every time I start the car!
ehowton at 2006-07-24 15:25 (UTC) (Link)
F-Zero forever, baby!

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip. From seeing you saunter into the hotel to your command of your new vehicle, effortlessly guiding it in and out of D.C. traffic at very impressive speeds! I'm sorry if I made you eat spinich, but I did leave you two 'melon shots' in your fridge.

You were such a grinning bastard when I'd been bumped from my flight, but indeed - that made the trip that much more bearable. Too bad I only slept two hours at your house - I was the living dead when I arrived!

October 9-11th; we should plan maximum visiting time during that period. Remember that time you came to Dallas and I stayed the night in your hotel going straight to work from there? We should do something similar the October trip - hey, it'll save you a commute!

Good times.
photogoot at 2006-07-24 19:05 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, a lot of good fun was packed into a very short period of time. BTW, the Mellon ball shots…..well I had one…..it tasted exactly like a mixture of Windex and a very strong cough suppressant! That taste coupled with the watermelon bubblegum smell and the color of and slightly slippery consistency of antifreeze makes this adult beverage without question the vilest thing I have ever consumed! (And remember as a very young man I once swallowed my own puke!) Now I am reading the vile, no pun intended, this concoction came in. It says this crap was bottled in Cocoa Florida. My dad would be spinning in his grave knowing this stuff is produced just minutes from his home!

Again I too had a great time visiting with you.

Lie to me and tell me there is a chance you could be talked into coming out early the weekend of the 7th & 8th ahead of you gig in DC.
ehowton at 2006-07-24 19:36 (UTC) (Link)
...the vilest thing I have ever consumed!
I hope you flushed the contents of the other one. If the grass around your septic tank dies and you noticed it glows green at night, at least you know why.

Yannow, I bet I could swing a couple of vacation days up there ahead of time...now why didn't I think of that???
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