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Posted on 2006.07.22 at 22:34
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Carla and the wife arrived earlier than I expected. We did indeed order out (China Fun) then Garrett and I cracked open GT4 while the girls smoked cigars on the back patio. They had started painting the bedroom, and were waiting for the first coat to dry.

The intro to GT4 was incredible. I can't wait to play the 'game' outside of Arcade Mode. However, as my son and I were going head-to-head, that's all I've played so far. Still, I'm very impressed. Head and shoulders above GT & GT2. I settled on an oval track to help curb my sons frustration, and to help him learn how to drive in a straight line (not necessary for Vigilante V8 for example). My first race was in a silver 1969 Dodge Charger. The replay of that race brought a tear to my eye...seeing that awesome car glide around the track. After about a dozen or so different cars, I gave my son the advantage by choosing a circa 1970 19-horsepower Mitsubishi. He nearly lapped me. Its cool to play video games with your son.

At 2130 the call came in that the power had been restored at our primary location. As Carla and my wife were back inside painting, I snatched her and we headed out. Facilities showed up and restarted the Liebert unit, and 15 minutes later I powered on our backup server, the only Sun Microsystems in the building.

I think I'm going to bed now.


galinda822 at 2006-07-23 15:30 (UTC) (Link)
Let the good times roll!!

What an awful week. Glad you were in town for the last one!
ehowton at 2006-07-24 17:22 (UTC) (Link)
You know, I wish I had missed it. That being said, I would have been a nervous wreck this weekend if I had.
galinda822 at 2006-07-24 20:18 (UTC) (Link)
ehowton at 2006-07-24 20:45 (UTC) (Link)
Misery loves company, right?
galinda822 at 2006-07-25 00:23 (UTC) (Link)
You don't believe that! Neither do I!!!!!
ehowton at 2006-07-25 00:43 (UTC) (Link)
That's not entirely true.

Most of the time, if I have to be at work overnight or after hours, I wish just to be left the hell alone. At other times, however, I crave companionship during these times.

I don't know whether it depends on my mood, or the task at hand though.

Something to ponder.
galinda822 at 2006-07-25 02:26 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sure it's the task at hand and the mood!
If I'm under pressure to get something done quickly.....leave me alone so I can just get it done.
ehowton at 2006-07-25 02:35 (UTC) (Link)
You've managed to pound the fastener on it's extraction point!
drax0r at 2006-07-24 16:49 (UTC) (Link)
GT4 is, in my opinion, the most beautiful racing simulation to date. Its awesome that you get to play it with that boy.
ehowton at 2006-07-24 17:22 (UTC) (Link)
I want to play Arcade-mode over the WAN with you.
drax0r at 2006-07-24 18:56 (UTC) (Link)
Oh hell yes, son. I'll whip your ass.
ehowton at 2006-07-24 19:33 (UTC) (Link)
I know you will, and it will be a nice change of pace of going head-to-head with a six-year-old. I mean, you learned to drive playing Gran Turismo. Maybe my boy will too...
drax0r at 2006-07-24 19:49 (UTC) (Link)
I suggest putting him behind the wheel of the cav tonight to let him put his new skillz to the test.
ehowton at 2006-07-24 20:28 (UTC) (Link)
We'll probably hold off on that until two things happen:

  1. He can drive in a straight line.

  2. He can reach the pedals.

drax0r at 2006-07-24 20:29 (UTC) (Link)
You can work the pedals for him, let him concentrate on steering.
ehowton at 2006-07-24 20:32 (UTC) (Link)
Right now he's steering like you were in the Explorer in Mass on the ice-slick interstate.
drax0r at 2006-07-24 20:40 (UTC) (Link)
As I recall, that worked out pretty well for everyone involved.
ehowton at 2006-07-24 20:45 (UTC) (Link)
Right. Now try that on a dry track. Ah, comprehension dawning...
Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2006-07-25 06:25 (UTC) (Link)
so Tony has little mad driving skillz, is afraid of glaicers, wears sandels even to the north pole and construction sites that give you steel toe clip ons, and in an effort to conserve as much energy as possible, makes little or no movement, ergo never getting out and staying in public/public shoping centers as finite a time as possible. Pray tell, what other little secrets shall we learn about dear Tony?
ehowton at 2006-07-25 14:20 (UTC) (Link)
All in good time.
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