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1980s Olympus F.Zuiko 50mm f/1.8

Met an outstanding portrait photographer in Great Bend who sold me this (assuming 80s-era) Olympus F.Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 for almost nothing - which was awfully exciting - except I ended up working far too many hours on simultaneous projects at work and never had any real opportunity to play with it.

One time while picking up my daughter at school I'd managed to park right in front of her where she was standing with the principal at the curb. I'd given the horn a light, "honk" followed by everyone looking my direction. I waved at her, but she turned back and continued scanning cars for me. I gave a little, "honk" again, and she looked right at the honking car, I waved, and she turned her head still seeking me out. I finally pulled the parking brake, shifted into neutral, unclasped my seatbelt, and exited the vehicle, hollering her name. She looked over, said something I couldn't hear to the principal, and got in the car. I was all like, "What the hell?"

"I've never seen your car this dirty before - I knew it couldn't be you. That's what I told Mrs. So & So."

But then I drove into Newton from Western Kansas through a salted, slushy highway, so took a picture.

AFTER I washed the car a week later, I caught Marko perched on the hood for its advantageous spotting.

This glass is everything I've ever heard about it - crystal clear and beautiful contrast. Its almost too good, having none of the traits of my older vintage lenses being closer in comparison to the modern AF lenses I have (and truthfully, probably better color than my two Canon pancakes lenses).

Both those pics are under the cut. Click them for uncropped full-size.

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