ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Old Friends

Dreamed I flew to Germany for our annual get together with my USAF compatriots. It was being held at unixwolf's apartment near Mainz-Kastel. He hosted every year because he had an enormous flat and it opened into the courtyard of a fest. I was going to palm him $50 to offset the cost of all the beer he bought every year. I was drinking his litre-sized glass bottles of Grolsh. It was magnificent! I was so happy to be reaquainted with all my friends. Funny thing is, I met Jay at Sprint Paranet and was never in the Air Force with him.

But then I took my son to England for a fancy conference where I was meeting co-worker Pete and his family. It was all very foreign when we left the city, but I got separated and jumped into a sleek gray 90s Trans-Am driven by an little old lady. It was unusual to see such a car in the UK. She didn't notice I was in the car the entire drive, drove to her house (which was actually a creepy funhouse with a Batman-style secret entrance) and was then startled by my presence after she turned off the car. I thanked her for the ride and started walking back to town.
Tags: dreams, germany

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