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Awhile back I discovered that the mechanical "gaming" keyboards were this century's IBM Model M; rated at millions of keystrokes and virtually indestructible. Perhaps not important to the causal browser of the web, but you ceaseless type for a living, an absolute must-have. Less so the gaming mouses I buy, but for some of the same reasons: braided cables and comfort for the long haul.

And honestly, it makes a lot of sense that a GAMING CHAIR would fall into the same category. So why have I been purchasing overpriced crap office chairs every couple of years instead? I didn't know high end gaming chairs even existed. Of course at this rate I could have purchased that Herman Miller I didn't want to drop the cash on those many years ago, but if all goes well, this one will last me a decade at least.

While the overpriced crap office chairs are rated for sitting sometimes far less than my more grueling days, the customer reviews of the DX RACER brand were all absolutely stellar.

I'm looking forward to increased productivity.

And gaming.
Tags: office, work

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