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Doc Brown

BRONZE Plan Lessons Learned

Posted on 2016.03.07 at 19:42
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Knowing I would have a new employer as of April 1st, I nervously gutted my healthcare plan effective January to save myself (literally) hundreds of dollars each paycheck. Unfortunately, state and federal taxes increased this slightly year, as well as upping my "taxable income" due to the BRONZE plan being less expensive. So while I'm now paying hundreds of dollars less for a much shitter healthcare insurance plan, I'm not actually seeing any of that money in my bank account.

Second casualty of BRONZE versus GOLD level insurance is normally inexpensive recurring prescriptions no longer are. And they didn't go up by a little, they went up quite a lot.

Paying for labs. Usually its just a co-pay and not a full-price activity. No more!

Today I needed a quick-acting relief medication. My doctor called it in, and several hours later I went to pick it up. The BRONZE plan refused, citing they wanted to ensure - I shit you not - that the doctor had first considered other options. They offered to let me pay for it out-of-pocket, but as you can imagine, it wasn't exactly cheap. Although now that I know the price, it will be interesting to see how much BRONZE plans fucks me when they finally relent.

So in order to SAVE money, I have to pick the most expensive plan out there, and that's all kinds of messed up. I'll be going GOLD April 1st. Also? I'm thinking of dropping United Health Care and going back to Aetna. Even when I was GOLD with UHC they sucked a lot more than Aetna ever did.


jobu121 at 2016-03-08 02:26 (UTC) (Link)
Wait, what-what-what? A new employer April 1? Is this an April fools joke early?

No longer at CSC? I thought you to be a company man. All jokes of course on the company man jab.
So do tell....

My wife and kids have Aetna and they didn't cover a care now visit. So I have to shell out $120!

ehowton at 2016-03-08 19:31 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, IBM.
jobu121 at 2016-03-09 03:24 (UTC) (Link)
IBM? I work with Beth Daly's Brother-in-law. I heard they were taking over the contract. So, I guess it's true.
ehowton at 2016-03-09 03:50 (UTC) (Link)
Or, as you mentioned, a really elaborate April Fool's joke.
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