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Dreamed Dorian and I lived with Muse and her boyfriend for the second night in a row. The first night we lived in lean-to's and tents in a big field where it rained all the time. Like Woodstock. We lived there along side jesskd26 and her husband drax0r and their four kids. And my two kids. And Muse's two kids. There were SO MANY KIDS. Someone was always having a birthday party and I was wearing a tie to work every day and driving a goddamn Buick because that's what I did. Commute. That was a nightmare all of its own.

But last night's dream took a much darker turn. Because Muse's past had caught up with her as some relation brought her caravan to the nice house we shared and parked it next to the pool. She was carnie folk, and Muse was doing everything to rid our house of her because she brought with her not only bad juu-juu, but also a devastating realization of her past that the townsfolks could never know. Like, maybe she'd killed someone once upon a time. I dunno, but we needed her out, and fast.

Now its very possible that this next part was because I'd inexplicably wondered if John Cleese had played, or been credited as Nearly Headless Nick in all the Harry Potter's or just the few I remembered him in right before I fell asleep in real life; I dreamed we were being haunted by Hector, the Rector specter. Yes, there was the ghost of a clergyman of a long-abandoned parish named Hector who was haunting us. Hector, the Rector specter. I wondered in my dream if he was collaborating with other spirit beings up and down the ecclesiastical ladder with equally lyrical name/title combinations, like Haimen, the layman daemon. I dunno, I couldn't come up with any in my dream. I was going to try to incorporate, "Cardinal" for reasons unknown.
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