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I can't remember the last time I flew for pleasure, rather than business, and/or when everything became so goddamn complex. I often see these ads, "Fly anywhere for $65!" and that sounds like such a good deal, that I booked early enough in advance to take advantage of these deals. Which, as it turns out, aren't really deals. Unless you're rich. Or retired. Or both.

The $65 is only if you fly out at 0200 on a Tuesday, otherwise its twice that price, and doesn't include the trip back, which is twice THAT price. And there are increasingly pedantic rules of what constitutes a "carry-on" (which is now another $50) and a "personal item." Oh! and if you're travelling with someone, not only is all that doubled, but - if you want a seat, that's an additional $20. Per seat. Each way. So like, another $80.

Then there's the rental car - which also have incredible deals! I could slip into that new Cadillac Coupe I've been eyeballing for only $35 a day - if I arrive on a Tuesday, and return it before Friday, otherwise, the micro-compact is that price. I didn't even know there was such a class as, "micro-compact."

GF and I, in an attempt at frugality (and thank the gods we have a Suzanne and Susan where we're headed, you don't want to know how many thousands of dollars a suite is on a weekend where we're going), decided to vacuum pack only silk items, and wear four pair of underwear on the flight. Did you also know that too large a container of deodorant could be construed as bomb-making materials? Whose pockets are getting lined? Seriously, whose?

Anyway, we decided to share the "carry on" for a change of clothes and each bring everything we'll need as a, "personal item." Thankfully they have clearly defined dimensions for these, and within those constraints I was able to find a Chinese-made DSLR backpack on Banggood for under $20 including shipping! This bag would even fit a tablet (if I had a tablet). All I have to do now is continue to stuff every last piece I'll need into it, but what a great find! its like something finally went right on this trip :)

The interior options were electric green, blinding orange, & horror red

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