ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Learning to Fly

I began teaching my son how to drive a stick the day he received his provisional license. On gravel roads. My Tiburon is the GT model, so it's basically all drivetrain. I am training him how to use the clutch to hold the car stationary on grades while slowly disengaging. I figure if he can master the gravel road, he won't have a problem anywhere. But today was a special day! First, it rained. And I mean a torrential downpour. Then it hailed - while it was still raining. Then the dirt roads flooded when the lightening started to crack down all around us. I fully expected to end up in a ditch, and was mentally prepared for it to happen as part of the learning curve; and in fact twice he nearly lost control of the vehicle - all while doing under 30mph. I had previously mentioned to him that when dirt roads turn to mud, its like driving on ice - but now he has the experience behind those words. Coincidently, it was also his best day shifting to date! Smooth and purposeful. He still needs the hours behind the wheel to best determine which gear best matches trajectory and velocity - and he was damn nervous out there with visibility so low and the crashing of the thunder and hail and rain, but did a fine job. Very proud of my boy. And though I was expecting him to slide the Tiburon into a ditch, I'm very grateful that part didn't actually happen :)
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