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VPS Upgrades

VPS Roulette

So I lost the $12/annual one ( - they had a billing glitch and terminated my box a month ago. That was the old one which held all of michelle1963 and I's deprecated blog projects. Its gone, and since it was a month ago, the backups are gone as well. Back to the drawing board on that one. I will likely just have them build me another template, because at that price, I really don't want to lose the good deal.

Wild Damn Texan ( - this blog's online repository - was an ancient (circa 2012) Ubuntu installation I'd upgraded from 10.10 when I migrated hosts. And that was long enough ago I'm still paying $15/mo for their (now) $3 server. Egads! I made a snapshot of that VPS, created a chunk four times the size and capacity, and restored the snapshot to that new size, upgrading it in the process. Once everything is online, I'll swing over the DNS and no one will be any the wiser.

Then there is my new venture ( - where my EHOWTON PHOTOGRAPHY site resides. Koken - my CMS - was hammering the CPU on that little box, but the host, Safe House Cloud, has a nifty dynamic reconfiguration process where, upon reboot, completely resizes any chunk, so I doubled that one and added online backups. While it took me only 4-minutes to get it up and running initially, I don't want to lose the configurations I've made to the CMS - nor upload all my pictures again, many of which I've already deleted from my laptop.

And I'm doing all this amidst SLES and RHEL upgrades at work. Or perhaps, prompted by them.
Tags: linux, work

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