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Typhoon SSBN

Forgot about the 1965 Jupiter-9 85mm f/2

Posted on 2016.07.26 at 21:54
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I forgot all about the 1965 Jupiter-9 85mm f/2, so started playing with that focal length strictly as a portrait lens. The massive throw of the focusing ring makes it easy to get perfect, even with the sun glaring on the fixed live-view screen. Again, this is a super heavy lens, especially attached to such a small, lightweight body. As I am new to this focal length, the example pictures show me I will have to work on framing. Additionally, this is the first time I've used flash. I got a 4-hour crash course from the wonderfully talented Terrell Neasley when I was in Las Vegas. I don't have enough time, nor subjects to shoot, as quickly as I'd like to master flash, so this is pretty much trial and error right now.

The most re-pinned picture on my camera porn page.


jobu121 at 2016-07-27 05:00 (UTC) (Link)
I like the bokeh effect.
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