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Your Great Grandfather Was a Millennial

Posted on 2016.08.04 at 10:31
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Cognitive dissonance is why I'm rarely impressed when someone (anyone, really) makes the statement, "That's just my opinion," as its usually nothing more than comfortable regurgitation of simplistic ideals without the due diligence of deconstruction.

Here I am in my 40s, with rapidly maturing children asking me hard questions about the world around them. Not only am I acutely aware I don't have all the answers, I understand that anything I tell them assumes the philosophical values my parents taught me in their 30s when I was asking them the hard questions, which were the same values taught to them by their 20-something parents. Basically, anything I tell my children will be a net result of my own upbringing, my individual experiences in life, and those individual experiences being learned through the filter of that upbringing.

Given the 20-year-old me was just as ignorant as the current me will be in another 20 years, I should be ashamed at how much I think I understand now simply because I'm less dumb than I was. That equation will continue to apply far into the future, and therefore likely a poor basis on which to indoctrinate my own children. My mother apologized for spanking us kids too much when she was younger, and while I appreciated the sentiment, I also understand acknowledgement alone cannot undo who I am as a person having been wrought under those circumstances. Likewise, I do not want to raise my children to believe - as truth - the anecdotal, word-of-mouth generational opinion of an uneducated 20-something millennial (1900) dirt-farmer. I'd rather teach them how to think, and have them form their own opinions, rather than ride the coattails of my entire ancestral line.


dawaioser at 2016-08-05 09:30 (UTC) (Link)
Oh my god...that had never occurred to me. Crazy. Brilliant. Truth.
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