ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

As catttitude, the kids and I left the house to get the kids to school, like he was every morning, there was Grandpa Bill, sitting in his Grand Marquis waiting for us to come out of the house. He was chewing on a toothpick. I called in and took a day off work, sliding into the passenger seat, marveling at this opportunity and wondering if he knew he'd passed away.

We spent the entire day hanging out and doing things - and at the end of each activity, he found himself surprised he wasn't tired. We took turns driving, went out for coffee, read the paper and went back to his apartment. He didn't seem to notice the place was dusty and boarded up, rummaging around for something. I had to go to the restroom, but didn't want to leave him - not for a minute - so brought him into the bathroom with me where he laughed at my new found comfort level with him (They had torn out the stool in the guest restroom so I had to use the one which was thankfully still affixed to the one off the master bedroom).

Then I heard someone else in the house, bumping around! I stealthily worked my way around the small apartment until I saw my neighbor Justin, and his entire family. This was their house now! No longer dusty and boarded up they were all home for lunch, Justin, his wife, two kids and their friends - it was a bustle of activity - and I inexplicably forgot my pants during the investigation. I could hear Bill coming into the room, and I wanted to explain, but they just smiled as I introduced Bill to everyone when he came into the room. Everyone shook hands and smiled.

Shortly thereafter we left again, making our way to an Italian restaurant where Bill and I engaged in an eating contest of sorts; I knew he was having too much fun, so suggested we stay for a second meal, and he pulled out his wallet, but I told him it was my idea so I would pay for it. He seemed to really like that, never growing tired, and excitedly anticipating his second meal in a row.

The entire time we were together, he just seemed so happy and filled with adventure and I was amazed at both his stamina, and the fact we were enjoying another day together, despite the fact I couldn't understand how it was so. I decided to simply marvel in its wonder, and enjoy his company as long as it lasted.

I awoke having enjoyed my newfound time with him very much, but in a bittersweet sort of way, what with his passing again in the forefront of my conscious.
Tags: 8wonders, dreams

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