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On what was supposed to be our last day in Vegas, the flight back was cancelled the night before (they didn't want to bump us up to a larger plane which could handle the heat until it filled up with two-days worth of passengers), and we were to report to the airport for a meal voucher. But this is also where things get hairy, because I couldn't extend my $30-a-day car for an extra day, unless I paid its non-weekend price of $110. And since I had purposely rented it with my AMEX for the free rental insurance, which was not valid without pre-existing rental agreements, I just picked up a cheap $30-a-day car and added the insurance for one day. From there we drove to the airport for our meal voucher and overflow hotel reservation, booked at a gorgeous casino, and a slip of paper with the email address where to submit our receipts for reimbursement.

The meal voucher was $8.

And only redeemable in the airport.

Dorian picked up a bottle of water for $8 but the voucher didn't cover tax, so that too, was out-of-pocket. We instead dined at the casino's buffet that evening as seemed appropriate. Catching the extended flight out the next morning, I turned in a request for reimbursement for the car, the meal, and the extra day of airport parking when we arrived home.

36-days after my initial email, they contacted me for one more piece of information explaining I had a 10-day window in which to respond. As I had to contact another company to retrieve that information (which took 20-days to respond), I explained to Allegiant it would be unethical to levy expectations they couldn't even meet, and provided the requested information.

Nearly a month later, they replied they would cover just under half my expenses, as they do not reimburse food nor car rental "options" (read insurance).

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