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Weekend Update

Purchased on DVD today:

  1. V for Vendetta

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  3. Fantastic Four

  4. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

  5. The Rock

  6. Practical Magic

  7. The Great Outdoors

  8. Men In Black

  9. Men In Black: II

  10. Zathura

Also got a second set of 600-thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. They're like silk...

Snatched up galinda822 and drove out to Grant's Farm for our annual company picnic. It was dull. But there was free beer.

'Zander' is not a name. It's the short form of 'Alexander.' 'Tori' is not a name. It's the short form of 'Victoria.' Now I know all you people out there can name your children anything you want, the above two included. But why name a child something which is going to make you look stupid?

Have been playing SpyHunter on PS2 with the boy. It really is very well done and lots of fun to play. Nothing like the game of the same name we used to play on the Atari 1600.
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