ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Election Day

In the 4th season episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Living Witness" we come across an alternate-universe Voyager crew who are seen as bloodthirsty mercenaries wrecking havoc and sewing discord wherever they go. The story centers around one system which has two races of people living within - a master race, and a race of second class citizens who blame the master race as their cause for disharmony for 700 years. At a small museum of history in the city center, the trodden-upon race has assembled a recreation of how things go so bad, portraying their race as a peace-loving people, and the master race as overbearing aggressors. That is, until the museum's curator finds and activates a back-up hologram node containing, "The Doctor" who, aghast at the portrayal of his crew, sets the record straight - which unfortunately casts the races in opposite roles, causes further mistrust (and eventually rioting) of the two races believed to be a righteous correction of elitism and revisionist history.

The first, inaccurate recreation, the discovery of The Doctor, and the unfolding of the subsequent riots as the episode concludes, turns out to be a new, corrected recreation, outlining the path to peaceful unity. Present day folk watching a timeline of then-present day folk watching a timeline of past events.

As I was driving home this morning from Western Kansas, it amused me to remember this episode, as this entire election cycle looks like a recreation of close-minded buffoonery when viewed from an outside perspective. Few things are as asinine as one group of people believing another group of people wholly responsible for the very thing they for which they believe the other group responsible.

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