ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Burying the Dead

Not a fan of things outside my purview spiraling out of control, yet here we find ourselves once again. Dad told us kids for years and years that his funeral costs were already taken care of; he carried in his wallet a card with the particulars and often reminded us to just call the number and everything would be taken care of.

That turned out to be partially true. Let me explain.

The Dallas funeral home sold dad a casket and a plot, and threw in, for free, the chapel, the service, and everything else required to send him to final resting place. Except the part where they charge $1000 for refrigeration prior to the burial, and the, well, actually putting him in the ground - another $1000 for internment. Something they now include in their "free services" when one buys a plot and a casket, but not in the early 80s when he and mom picked out their eternal resting places side-by-side thirty years ago.

So I tried to exchange the services I wouldn't be using (chapel, service, etc) to offset the cost of the services I would requiring, but given they were "free" services they had no value. Completely frustrated with being fucked over by the funeral home, there was nothing to do but be extorted - because Texas has a law saying if a contract exists, it cannot be backed out after death. In other words if there were a less expensive option available to offset the costs of being fucked, we would be unable to utilize them.

At least we were prepared when mom followed a month later.

Or were we?

No. No, we were not. For reasons unknown, the funeral home has no record of mother having a contract, and are therefore charging us not only the $2000 for the internment and refrigeration, but also another $4000 for the casket and the plot.

I don't know how I'm going to get out of this one yet. I'm hopeful since they can't find her contract, I will not be held hostage by Texas law and can, perhaps, find a less expensive solution. I know I shouldn't be astonished at this gross ineptitude, but I really am. Restland is the premier funeral home in Dallas, and the place is run like a goddamn circus.

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