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Its not that I have too many vehicles, its just that we don't have an ideal traveling vehicle if we're packing both dogs and both kids. I absolutely love my Tiburon GT, but its not ideal for conversation or long, accompanied trips what with the excessive engine noise, wheel noise, exhaust noise, and wind noise. I do fine soloing to Texas and back, but plus-one and things start to escalate quickly. Better suited is the Grand Marquis (especially with the the new shocks) but having been forced into the backseat late last month, I now understand firsthand the cramped space behind the driver's seat and uncomfortably springy seats. So, we set out on the ideal traveling vehicle. Atop my list was something quiet with more than adequate legroom. I've narrowed it down to two thus far:

Cadillac CT6 Base
Ford Flex Limited

Interesting enough, our local dealership carries both Cadillac and Ford, but I couldn't get to the lot to check out their cars. A quick call establishes the only way to the lot is through the showroom gauntlet (insurance, he explains, unlike every other car lot I've ever been to my entire life which doesn't have that restriction). At any rate, they've promised to pull both vehicles side-by-side for me so we can compare the two (they're two very different vehicles, the salesman found necessary to tell me).

Of course if we decide upon the Flex, we'll likely get rid of Turducken.
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