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Summer School

Posted on 2017.03.30 at 12:08
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My daughter wants to take Algebra I during Summer school so she can take Geometry I the first semester of her sophomore year. Her counselor suggested I contact the local outsourcing company to enroll her. They ignored my first two contact emails, and when I finally called, they told me they don't offer Summer school. The same person also admitted to not knowing what they offered or didn't offer, and sent me to the voice mail of someone who did, which also went un-returned. I finally got ahold of someone today who told me I wasn't allowed to enroll my daughter, only the school counselor was, and only if my daughter required the course to complete the previous grade. I explained she wanted to take the class voluntarily, which was initially not understood (I must be using all the wrong words here). Finally, when asking about why they don't have this information on their webpage, I was told they only release the information to the school counselors, and then, only in May. And while it was self-paced and the students were allowed to finish early, they were not allowed to start the class, take any scheduled time off, then return to class. Good grief! Somehow, we'll make this work.


(Anonymous) at 2017-03-30 18:58 (UTC) (Link)
I know it can get very picky. I wanted to graduate early so went to Wichita to summer school to pick up my required senior courses. But they wouldn't let me graduate because I hadn't taken my last class in Augusta. The other 11 years didn't count. So I had to take go back for the fall semester, taking junk. I then went to college mid year. What a waste! could have had a whole year of college credits. Of course, this was back in the dark ages.

My friend, a year younger, wasn't allowed to do even what I had done. So she quit high school after her junior year, took her college entrance exams and aced them. Screw them.

ehowton at 2017-03-30 19:06 (UTC) (Link)
LOL! That's awesome about quitting school and acing the entrance exams. Yeah, they don't seem to make anything easy :/
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