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The Onion

Posted on 2017.05.03 at 13:27
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"I voted for Donald Trump. I voted for Trump because I thought he'd create a better America for everyone. But after reading 800 or so pages on queer feminist theory, I realize now just how much I've been duped [Mike Bridger, Former Trump Supporter]. I come from a small steel town in Pennsylvania. If I had known the foundational texts on intersectional theory, I would have never chanted..."Lock her up! Locker her up!" We were told Hillary Clinton was the enemy but its clear now that the true enemy is a patriacrchal capitalistic society that maintains its ascendance by making powerful and ambitious women appear threatening, only to protect my status in a system purposefully designed to benefit cishet white men like myself. Jesus.

When Donald Trump said he would make America great again, its obvious to me now that he was only trying to play off my own complicity and comfort in an unequal social structure that disproportionately strips women and minorties - particularly trans and genderqueer people of color - of their autonomy and seeks to subjugate them to an inveterate and intentionally antagonistic androcratic order. I get that now after I attended a gender-fluid non-binary poetry slam at Swarthmore. A couple of other guys from work attended it too and now its all we talk about on the line.

I liked Trump because I thought he tells it like it is. But you know who really tells it like it is? Judith Butler. "Gender is not to culture as sex is to nature; gender is also the discursive/cultural means by which `sexed nature` or `a natural sex` is produced and established as `prediscursive,` prior to culture, a politically neutral surface on which culture acts." If I had just known that back in November, I would have never voted for Trump. God...How could I have been so stupid?"

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