ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Not All Trump Supporters

I've never been a big-picture guy. This was something I was unaware about myself until ending my six-year stint under Tactical Air Command (later Air Combat Command) and having been moved to United States Strategic Command (previously Strategic Air Command) where I then floundered. I discovered quite a bit about myself that harrowing year where we focused more on how we were perceived as working the mission over the mission itself. At least from the point of view of entropy. I found I excelled far more in a fluid mission under duress than long-term planning and repetitious minutia.

When I left the military I found myself surrounded by brilliant people way smarter than myself who were big-picture guys; people who were able to think completely differently from the way I approached everything in life, some of them ex-military themselves. People who I learned to put all of my trust into. Different, to be sure, but different in that wonderful way where everyone in the party has their own set of specialties which reflect upon the team as a whole when everyone is playing to their strengths. There wasn't anything we couldn't accomplish together.

And they all support Trump.

So I tell myself surely they see something under the excruciatingly limited vocabulary of that blovating Luddite who can't seem to assemble words in such an order to adequately express the pictures in his head, and who's baffling cabinet appointments are shockingly open about their malicious intent to pervert the law for personal gain and nothing more.

Or, being the big-picture people they are, they're laughing at what those of us who aren't, cannot yet see, which will be that singular moment when our outwardly inept Commander In Chief sheds himself of layer upon oily layer of lifelong incompetence to reveal a brilliant clockmaker with a suddenly articulate and intelligent design which will undoubtedly impress supporters and critics alike. They'll be justified in saying, "I told you so."

If not, I wonder if there will ever come a time when these people I call trusted friends may one day wonder if Obama really wasn't coming for our guns? Or wonder if Jade Helm wasn't actually a conspiracy to keep Obama in office? Or wonder after one too many incalculably incomprehensible shitshows that Trump *may* be unqualified to govern.

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