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The Beast

I don't even know what to call this thing but The Beast; an enormous Tamron 176D, a late 90s 28-105mm f/2.8 AF zoom lens which sounds good on paper, but suffered from multiple falloffs and aberrations anywhere but dead center - in other words, perhaps a fun lens to play with? GF's mom is an estate broker who runs a successful antique shop in Pawnee Rock, KS and occasionally runs into something she thinks I might like. In this case, a worn leather bag with a handful of 1st-gen EF lenses and a Rebel XS (film) camera. But this hefty beast certainly made me look twice.

I don't even have a protective filter big enough to cover its 82mm front element, nor did the lens cap reveal itself from the bag in which it was found, which is probably why it was so filthy. I have no idea how long it set in the open, but with a handful of lens clothes and a little elbow grease, the front and rear elements were soon sparkling! The 4.5 inch barrel extends to 6.75, impressive only because of its girth, and the autofocus was spot on - the game was afoot!

So I'd personally like to thank GF's mom for the awesome find, and now please enjoy some of the curious shots this thing produced over the weekend:

105mm f/2.8

105mm f/4.5

And here we're setting up the shoot:

A comparison:

And now, for something completely different, yours truly, straight out of the camera with zero editing or lighting adjustments:

Eric Howton Tamron 176D Zero Edits

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