ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Speeding in Reverse, Pt. VI

Dreamed I was in an older, upper-class neighborhood and had just finished loading the back of the Flex, with what, I do not recall, but it was a job getting the back hatch to latch. Once successful, the vehicle was now a gloss black third-generation Chevrolet Caprice Classic (with a front grill somewhere between the Winchester's 67 Impala and a 69 Coronet 440 but with a modern Caprice, "look") in which I got behind the wheel and started to drive. Only, in reverse. And of course the brakes didn't work - at all. Neither did the emergency brake which I pulled, pulled some more, and kept pulling, all to no avail.

As the car continued to pick up speed while moving backward, I turned to look behind me trying to steer clear of any obstacles. I was dismayed that I was accelerating towards an intersection, yet thankfully, the light was green. Unfortunately after speeding backward through that one, I quickly approached another - again green. Though I did understand this couldn't go on indefinitely. The next light was red, but I managed to squeeze through without crashing into anyone. I was not, however, so fortunate at the next red light; I scraped the front bumpers of two cars which were crossing the intersection. This fender bender did affect my speed - I slowed considerably, enough to make a turn at the next intersection where I stared a gentle back and forth motion trying to slow down further. I made one more turn up a road with an incline, slowed, and came to a stop against a building in Chinatown.

The two people I'd hit had followed the car and now approached me. I was apologetic as I fished the insurance information from my wallet and handed it to them to copy. That's when Dr. Gregory House emerged from the building I'd hit - it was his practice and he'd come out to tend to the injured. This encompassed him putting his hands up and down my neck and shoulders feeling for any indication of damage.

Then I awoke.

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Tags: dreams

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