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In Kansas, when you trade in a vehicle, new or otherwise, you pull the plate off your existing vehicle, and attach it to the new one - this covers you for 30-days before you have to go in and register it, whether or not its your registration month - let me explain, Kansas registers vehicles according to whichever month your last names aligns with. My last name is, "Howton" which means I register my car in July. Awkwardly, you can ONLY register your vehicle during your last name month, or the month before your last name month, or - apparently - any month AFTER your last name month as long as its not prior to the next year's registration (if that makes sense).

So when I went in to tag the Flex, I also tried to register all my other cars, because why not? I'd sure hate to register only some of them, and not others, then find DAYGLO orange stickers on them because I'd been driving them illegally for six month. BUT IT WASN'T MY LAST NAME MONTH so I was turned away.

And I wouldn't have even thought about it except I had to leave the house today, and something my neighbor had told me kept playing through my head as I was walking towards it in the parking lot along the lines of, "...they cannot tow a registered vehicle..." Looking down at my tags (Kansas still puts their little registration stickers on the plates themselves), confirmed this. Thanks neighbor!

Tags: driving, kansas

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