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I dreamed I was onboard Serenity and it was hot in the ship. Too hot to sleep. Mal had taken to not running the engine due to pressure from environmentalists on the negative effects of the byproduct it created. But I was too hot to sleep. I told the crew, "I'm heading back to turn the engine on!" Mal wasn't onboard. No one believed I would do it.

The hallways were narrow. Very narrow towards the end of the ship. I had to turn sideways to get down the hall. Am I gaining weight I wondered? I slip into the engine room, and hit the large red button (not unlike a gas station emergency pump shut-off) and the engine starts turning. It was getting cooler almost immediately. I went further back where Mal's "office" was. Kaylee was sleeping on a futon at the front of the office. I shook her awake and told her I'd turned on the engine. She had been sweating in her sleep and was grateful for the falling temperature. I sat behind Mal's desk a fiddled with the items he had laying around as Kaylee and I discussed his idiosyncrasies. We were both ready to go back to sleep, I gave her a hug, and exited the room.

Tags: dreams, movies
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