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OSX x86 Project

I've been involved with a couple of people installing OSX on their PC's, and have dabbled with getting a running copy working at work. This weekend I thought would be a perfect weekend to install OSX at home on my P4 1.6GHz slackware box. Despite the fact that I forgot there was a file size limit on Jayson's portable FAT32 drive, we manged to get the iso over there by carving it up into two partitions, one MacOS (Journaled) and the other NTFS. Of course once I put the iso on it, I couldn't burn it from my WinXP box (duh!) and the burner I use isn't entirely compatible with my macmini (it usually only writes 3.92GB of data before failing). So...I moved it across the network. Three hours later (I don't have anything fast like ftp set up for LAN-only so I had to use scp) I was finally able to boot...or so I thought. First Boot.plist couldn't be found, then, after multiple boots, I was able to launch the installer and write out the partitions, but then OSinstall makepackage couldn't be found. Nice.

Yawned through most of Superman Returns.

I also had to scrounge up an old Creative 12x DVD-ROM I'd had in storage for about three years and install it in the box...Thank goodness at least that still worked.

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