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PS2 Weekend

Supercar Street Challenge:
Supposed to be able to modify your own 'supercar' then race it.
In reality, you can make few changes, most of them gay, and when it comes to race time, they steer like boats.

Monster Jam:
If your son has Monster Jam Hot Wheels, you can race them.
In one-player mode, there's no orientation - the camera is all over the place, so you really never know where you're going.
Though steering is fun & easy in two-player mode, and there's plenty of power, watching the screen too much made me want to vomit.

Hot Wheels World Race:
Same cars and tracks as in the movie; drive real Hot Wheels cars you own.
Not too shabby in two-player mode, if your stomach can handle the loop-de-loops and upside-down-at-times twisting tracks after playing Monster Jam.

Vigilante V8
Shoot your opponent.
This is rather good, if you can get past the PS1 graphics. I cannot.
I'll buy this again if they ever release a PS2 version.

Complete secret-agent missions.
Excellent, excellent game. Beautiful graphics, fantastic car as far as acceleration, steering, choice and use of weapons.
Except for the bug my son found (coming off the weapons van in Frankfurt, steering over the road boundary, and driving into the woods past the rendered area until he fell off the map, leaving himself suspended in mid-air under the floating island) by far my favorite pasttime in front of the console with him. We had to complete many single-player missions to unlock the two-player games, unfortunately, but he enjoys both.

Gran Turismo4
Best. Driving simulation. Ever.
My son almost never selects a big-block rear-wheel drive American-made V8. Unless we're racing on the dirt track in Arcade mode. I love the countersteering, the anticipation of turns, and sliding around corners. My poor son sits there in his iconoclastic vehicle the entire race trying to point any one direction, spinning hopelessly out of control for the duration of the race.
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