ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Steampunk III

For those who don't know the story, I was driving from Texas to Nebraska to report to my last duty station, USSTRATCOM in Omaha when I stopped for gas on the Interstate in Kansas and experienced wind like I'd never experienced before. It was so unimaginably windy, I swore I'd never live here. Life has enough challenges without that kind of wind making otherwise easy, simple tasks unnecessarily asinine.

Of course I've now lived in Kansas longer than I've lived anywhere else, which is terribly depressing given the wind. Which I hate.

Yesterday was an otherwise beautiful, cool, sunny day and would have been perfect for pictures. Except for the fucking wind. Which was blowing so hard, not only was my daughter struggling to keep her mini skirt modestly in place, we were screaming at each other just feet away in our attempts to communicate. Which is how we ended up plastered between edifices, which was not only less than ideal for photography, it really didn't help much.

I wanted to play with the Distagon and Planer on the APS-C, but that never happened. I may have instead ordered a third Hasselblad - the 150mm f/4 Sonnar.


Tags: camera, kanas, lgz

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