ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Don't Ask Me To Think

Imagine you’re an average American; you drink beer in the garage and love watching sportsball on the flatscreen. You have a small collection of hand guns in your gun safe and you thank the Lord before every meal. You have a Highschool education, maybe some college, and you work hard for a living and pay your taxes just like every good American.

Suppose you were a "C" student in high school, maybe a low "B" and that job at which you make a living doesn't have anything to do with Constitutional law or International politics, nor did you minor in such during that college stint.

Now imagine the super rich are asked to pay half a percentage more of their billions to fund healthcare for all. Nothing in your life changes. Nothing. Ever. Not even the price of a stamp.

But you've got a pretty good understanding in the difference between Communism, Democracy, Oligarchy, Socialism, and Democratic Socialism, and can speak intelligently on the subject. Or you know, not really, but SOCIALISM = BAD because you respond to everything emotionally, like a Neanderthal without a fully formed cerebral cortex. Logic is one of those things which has always eluded you. Venezuela not Norway because reasons. Fox News reasons.

To add insult to injury, most of the services you currently rely upon, depend upon, and even demand, and possibly defended were once lauded as evil socialism by your father and your father's father. But that different somehow. Different in a way you believe is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and therefore shouldn't be a part of the same conversation, even though you don't know why, can't explain why, and to be honest, conversations aren't really in your wheelhouse.

Well done, you. Well done.
Tags: philosophy

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