ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Why a .22?

What does reading the news before bed get you? NOTHING GOOD. I had just watched the video of the 9-year old girl being tossed by the bison in Yellowstone as her parents ran off the other direction then dreamed I was playing cards with Brett and Shari and another couple when I saw a freaking mountain lion in the back yard. I was shocked, and immediately wondered where all the children were. I ran to the front door to call the kids in and they were literally lollygagging toward the front door, having been around the side of the house trying to get the mountain lion's attention. The panic and urgency in my voice had no effect on getting them to hustle, and I was especially annoyed at the older boy who purposely slowed down and put his hands in his pockets as he wasn't about to be told to hurry up. That's when a black bear appeared from the other side of the house and headed for the kids. I was screaming at this point holding the screen door open waiting for these slow-walking kids to finally make it to the safety of the house. They all entered and I got the door closed just as the bear made his way to the front door.

Adrenaline now pumping I made my way to the back windows to discover the mountain lion was gone, but there was now a very large Bengal tiger roaming the back yard near the house. What the hell was going on? I noticed the back door wasn't closed and the tiger had started jiggling the handle of the flimsy screen door. I ran to the back door to shut it when the tiger made his way into the house! GF handed me a handgun and I shot the tiger, which seemed to have no effect whatsoever. I looked at the handgun and gave her a bewildering look, "This is a .22?" I exclaimed, flabbergasted. She nodded.

I turned toward the tiger and it was now a tiny tiger-stripped kitten. OMG I JUST SHOT A KITTEN! I was beside myself with grief.

Turns out the .22 didn't hurt the kitten who ran into to the back yard to play.
Tags: dreams

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