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Drop Ship

Ramblings of a Madman

Posted on 2006.08.24 at 19:42
Current Location: 63114
Current Mood: dark
Current Music: Broken Arrow Soundtrack
Pluto is no more. That's going to be hard to remember when it comes time to teach my children about our solar system. And he's "forgotten" his alphabet again. I need to come up with some strategy, some tool I can implement to get him up to speed. Its very frustrating.

This week at work has been one of the busiest full weeks. My already short staff was down to two people Tuesday and today. Unlike Tuesday, however, today has been tolerable. Yesterday I drove to a part of town I'd never before been to visit with a Nun who is also a Boardmember. galinda822 warned me, "You're going to be gone a lot longer than you think..." I was.

I've been given my weekend duty roster. I'm to work in the yard this weekend. I used to have a very nice Echo weed-eater. It was well balanced. I could hold it in one hand. I left it in Texas with my father. Needing one here, I bought a cheap one. What a mistake. First of all, the engine is mounted at an awkward angle. To make things worse, the shaft bends off away from your body, making holding the apparatus a nightmare. In order to hold it, it requires both hands with quite an effort to get the cutting head parallel to the ground. Because of the bend and angle of engine, the entire thing is not only off-balance straining back muscles to keep it plumb, it also has a tendency to twist! The handles are uncomfortable as hell, and I'm worn completely out before I've even started. Never again.

Celebrate my strength
Embrace my fortitude
Do not turn from me
And I shall not abandon you
I am still here

I am and will always be
Not what you want
But what you need
Run not from it
And do not mock it

Enjoy the aspects that I am
Fret not over what I'm not
What was still is
If only you could see it

The rest is frivolous
And will gain you nothing
I am here for a reason
Unbeknownst to you
And me

Rely on that
And that alone
Every single day is a gift
And I will take full advantage of mine
What will you do with yours?

Have had a bottle of wine every day this week. All white. Today, the wife and I shared a bottle of Missouri red. I picked up a bottle of German Pinot Grigio at Sam's. I had never had German Pinot. IT WAS THE BEST PINOT GRIGIO I HAVE EVER HAD! It was from the Rhinehessen region - the region I know best. I tell you this - you could bind my eyes with cloth and set several Pinot Grigio's in front of me in a blind taste test, and I would pick the one from Germany. It was fantastic.

Thanks for the songs galinda! They were fantastic! Variations of 'Fear' by Sarah McLaughlan. My ex-girlfriend took me to see her in Dallas just prior to breaking up with me. It was always my favorite song after I saw her live. Stupid Paula Cole opened for her. I thought I was in hell. Paula Cole took a cookie sheet, and propped it up on a floor-mounted microphone, then gave a speech about how she was visiting her mother and came up with this idea to use as an instrument. Throughout the song, she'd intermittently pound it with her foot. It sounded like exactly like someone pounding a cookie sheet with their foot! Dumbass.

I'm tired. I've been in quality testing of the new audio-conferencing equipment all week. It started out about half an hour a day. The next day was half an hour every hour and a half. Today was four hours of testing. I'd gone so long without a scooby-snack I told them I was going to dismantle the entire unit with my bare hands if I didn't get a 15-minute reprieve. They believed me.

My son is sitting next to me working on a program called, 'Spelling Made Easy' where I type in a list of words (jump, time, to, a, the...) and he spells them. It's hard to spell when you can't read. It's hard to read when you don't know the alphabet. This school eschews 'phonics' and has given him a list of 'sight words.' Words you need to know by memorizing them alone. At first, I assumed that things had changed since I was in school and perhaps, just like the ever-changing food pyramid, that this was supposed to be better for them. Experience, on the other, has shown me that this is entirely retarded. I've taken it upon myself to do things the way I see fit. Dumbasses.

My wife now prefers Firefox over IE. I must be doing something right.

I'm angry. At a lot of things. At nothing. Things that I have let pile up. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I need to stop being the good guy so often and rule all I survey with a fist of iron. It just might work...

Don't be a slyboots
Cunning, shrewd, a rogue
Don't be a shyboots,
Nobody likes a slyboots.
Everyone wants to like you
so why be a slowpoke?
Nobody likes slowpokes
Slowpokes lose favor.
Don't you give a reason
to be known as a
People look down on
and they'll look down on you
if they can call you one
How would you like to be known as
one who pussyfoots?
Don't be a pussyfooter and stay away
from those who do.

--Steve Martin


dreamkatch at 2006-08-25 02:55 (UTC) (Link)
dude, pluto is no more? Are we talking that weird ass dog thing off disney cartoons? Or was he a skinny cow....

Or, are we talking the planet here? Either way...

CeltManX, Devlin O' Coileáin
celtmanx at 2006-08-25 05:02 (UTC) (Link)
You were it was on the news!!!!!

They have now found 12 posible planets in our solar system, but some astronomers are calling some of them moons.

Pluto is now a dwarf planet i.e moon of Neptune!!!
galinda822 at 2006-08-25 02:56 (UTC) (Link)
Well, I see you were right.....you had absolutely NOTHING to post about!!!!
ehowton at 2006-08-25 18:41 (UTC) (Link)
(Deleted comment)
ehowton at 2006-08-25 18:42 (UTC) (Link)
I actually think it's a rather disgusting name for a wonderful habit...
CeltManX, Devlin O' Coileáin
celtmanx at 2006-08-25 05:58 (UTC) (Link)
Now, now, your "CRAZY EYES" just make you look like Charlie Manson, you are not Charlie Manson, you are not Charlie Manson. Remember that, REMEMBER THAT.
ehowton at 2006-08-25 18:42 (UTC) (Link)
CeltManX, Devlin O' Coileáin
celtmanx at 2006-08-25 06:01 (UTC) (Link)
You are the ERIC. You are, THE CHOSEN ONE.
ehowton at 2006-08-25 18:46 (UTC) (Link)
I know kung fu.
leonardii at 2006-08-25 11:59 (UTC) (Link)
Please give us the name of the P.G. wine and a description. Was it sweeter than a typical P.G.? If so, I'm thinking Lena would probably enjoy this variety. If not straight from the bottle, then surely with some ginger ale as a "spritzer."
ehowton at 2006-08-25 18:46 (UTC) (Link)

Penguin Puppetmaster
oxy_irony at 2006-08-25 20:55 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I heard that about Pluto. That's rather odd, if you ask me, though- after 76 years, they just up and change its status.

That's a weird way to teach, I must admit. Just "memorize" the words? Yeah, like that'll ever just happen.
ehowton at 2006-08-25 20:57 (UTC) (Link)
He got 100% on today's spelling test. I'm very proud of him.
drax0r at 2006-08-26 20:51 (UTC) (Link)
There are many job opportunities in the US and A. For men, construction worker, taxi driver or accountant. For woman, prostitute.
ehowton at 2006-08-26 23:09 (UTC) (Link)
Does she have any plow experience?
irulan_amy at 2006-08-26 21:24 (UTC) (Link)
Yard work = blech. Hope that is going quickly for you. ;)

And German pinot? Interesting. It has been too long since I've had white wine. I've been hooked on shiraz and cabernet sauvignon (sp?) lately it seems.

And it sounds like your week was stressful. I hope besides yard work you are getting some relaxing in.
ehowton at 2006-08-26 23:09 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. It was supposed to rain all weekend, so I was able to push off yard work until another day (woo-hoo!) but then last night we lost electricty around midnight which kept me up (I sleep with a fan and the A/C on high) then work called three hours later after it came back on because they'd lost power too and a server needed to be turned back on and they couldn't get ahold of the oncall guy. After that, I was starving, and the only place which was open was some disgusting dive named, Del Taco and I ate that on my way home and settled in with a scooby-snack and chatted with crowy until 0500 when I finally went to bed. Slept until a little after 1100 and have been playing video games with my son ever since. On and off, since I also installed a phonics program for him since he's been having difficulty with his words at school, and that necessitated me finding my microphone and getting all the settings properly adjusted so it could hear him speak back the words. This lead to cleaning out some storage containers with the wife. I just want this day to be over so I can go back to bed!
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