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As a lifelong Republican I was appalled at just how literally stupid liberals were. I mean seriously stupid. The way they thought things should be; the things at which they got righteously offended. It made zero sense to me how fucking dumb they were. Then one day I overheard a deeply liberal co-worker (an oddity to be sure at a defense contractor) talking to one of his co-workers about how dumb these conservatives were on a current topic. I was so deeply confused. How could THEY possibly think WE were the dumb ones? I mean, it didn't make a lick of sense. IT WAS NOT IN THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY. Didn't they know they were the dumb ones?

I stealthily googled the current even and came across a caricaturized political cartoon making us out to be incomprehensibly stupid by misrepresenting our actual belief/stance on said current event. I was absolutely appalled. I mean, it made perfect sense. OF COURSE they would think they we were the dumb ones if they believed these LIES.

I started watching people like Olbermann and Oliver, barely able to hold down the bile listening to them spin current events and casting us as this really ignorant group of people. Admittedly, over time, I could actually see where my perspective of some current event might not have been as I had originally understood it, and that was certainly interesting.

At some point - and it might have been days, weeks, or even a year, I had an interesting thought - was it possible - just possible mind you - that the reason I thought THEY were the dumb ones was because I was guilty of believing the same lies about them they were believing about us? As it turns out, yes, it was - because the things Oberlmann and Oliver were saying did not mesh with what I was hearing from my regular news sources. I was believing the same kind of lies about them that they were being fed about us. So yeah, that was my tipping point into registering as an Independent.

Sadly, as excited as I was to share this epiphany with my conservative co-workers, most of them didn't care and chose to believe what they wanted to believe.

ADDENDUM: Much later I learned how exceedingly difficult it is to even acknowledge how one's worldview affects our beliefs about anything and everything, let alone question it; its so pervasively complex it very nearly takes a traumatic event to even get started down that path which is why the majority seemingly cannot even comprehend how the two are related, wishing instead to dismiss any decision with the same simplistic dichotomy which can easily be applied to every scenario across the board.

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